Eliminating Inflammation

Eliminating Inflammation

Inflammation, simply put, is the activation of your immune system. In the body,
that serves a very important purpose for healing tissues and fighting infections. So
inflammation is GOOD in some cases.
The difference between good inflammation, and bad inflammation is whether or
not it has spread to other parts of the body (systemic inflammation).

Eliminating systemic inflammation is a BIG goal in my practice, for good reason!
Chronic inflammation is linked to almost every disease process out there: high
blood pressure, high cholesterol, autoimmune disease just to name a few.

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Here are the 6 ways I treat inflammation in my practice:

1. Anti-inflammatory diet
The number one way we get inflammation in our body, other than an injury, is
from eating foods that create inflammation! In my practice, we put you on a
customized anti-Inflammatory diet based on YOUR immune system. After all, we
are all different right?!

2. Food Allergy Testing/Leaky gut screening
Food allergy testing is an important part of your diagnosis, and the Lab you
choose is the most important part. We are proud users of CYREX Labs, who tests
not only the protein but the lectin in the foods. Additionally, they test the food
raw, cooked, and modified because that all presents differently to the immune

3. Poop Testing
Yep! Gives us great information about whether a virus, fungus, or any other bad
guys are causing your inflammation.

4. Blood work
There are key inflammatory markers in the blood stream that gives us great
information about the amount of inflammation in the body.

5. Customized Supplement Protocol
I use specific immune modulators which basically means that they help to drive
down systemic inflammation.

6. Chiropractic Care and Soft Tissue Release
Whether it is systemic chronic inflammation, or inflammation due to an injury,
chiropractic adjustments are a stellar treatment. It turns out that crack you hear
or don’t, restores motion to joint which helps to pump inflammation out of the
area. The motion of the joint actually turns off your pain receptors. We know that
everything is connected, so addressing any muscle/ligament/tendon concerns is a
part of every Chiropractic treatment here.

Sheena Joseph

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  • "Dr. Sheena Joseph is an extremely personal and knowledgeable professional who takes the time to get to know her clients and deliver the long term care they need. Dr. Sheena not only treats her patients for pain relief but she also sets up an entire care plan that allows her patients to maintain their health long after they leave her office. I highly recommend Dr. Sheena."
    Mike Fritz
  • "I have been very pleased with Dr. Sheena's knowledge in nutrition and supplements. I would definitely recommend her when it comes to meeting your nutritional and chiropractic needs!"
    Debbie Vornkahl
  • "Started going again after a car accident. The whole staff was friendly and helpful. When my daughter started coming, Dr. Sheena was able to work on her quickly and keep her calm. She loves going there. I need to make an appointment for my son."
    Shani Richards

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